English licorice


When Frank Jansen (Dutch goes the photo) challenged us to share our favorite candy and make it look irresistible to our readers, I immediately knew what to do.

When we were young, our parents treated us now and then to a small package of licorice allsorts or, as we Dutch call it, English licorice. I just loved the colors and the different flavors which made me pick up one after the other. That is exactly why I do not buy it now, because I know I will go on eating them till all of the sweets have gone.

So I headed towards one of the stores that have these rows of jars full of all kinds of candy where you can fill up a cone with whatever sweets you like. There I found my favorite and I almost crept into the jar to take this photo, while a boy of some six years old with some coins held firmly in his small fist asked me what I was doing, followed by an interesting conversation about our favorite candy.

I only have to look at this picture to make my mouth water. Does it have the same effect on you or are you into quite some other type of candy?

14 thoughts on “English licorice

  1. Ooooh nooo! Not licorice! I remember when I was young, it was widely popular and well advertised. And I didn’t like it! No matter how hard I tried I didn’t like the licorice. Sometimes I would nibble the pink icing off the outside, and lesve the black middle. I still don’t like it. But I agree, it makes a great photo!

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    • I know there a lots of people like you who don’t like it. Whenever we go on holiday, we always have some licorice at hand in case of a coughing attack and treat people in Spain or wherever to the candy. Always sure for a good laugh at their disgusted faces! (Maybe we are a bit mean now and then.)

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  2. Oh, that variety is so delicious! When we were children and our mother gave us some coins to go and buy some sweet, we always bought this one, because it lasted so long, so we imagined ourselves to be very rich. Thanks for the link. (By the way, I am also a big chocolate fan, so if they let me get my way in the museum, I’m not sure if both items will remain there for long.)


    • Thank you, Debbie. Actually what I most liked of my trip to the candy store was the lengthy conversation with this boy who candidly told me that he did not like licorice, was saving his coins for an ice cream and was just looking at the candy to see what he would buy the next time. Lovely to meet you too!

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