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Marga Demmers

Carpe Diem, seize the day! After having worked hard for some 47 years, I opted for retirement in order to have more time for my hobbies. Now I can indulge in making photos, playing the clarinet, reading, blogging, working in the garden and a long list of other things without stress or feeling guilty. I love it!

So finally I am trying to find my own voice in photography reading about it, looking at photos taken by professional and amateur photographers, visiting expositions and of course taking lots of photos.

And yes, I cannot help smiling when my eye catches something worthwhile registering with my camera and I succeed in taking the picture I want, right then and there or after editing. Happy moments!

Location: Dordrecht, Netherlands.
Photo: Elly Popa.

18 September:

I just started another blog following two other interests of mine: Catalonia (Spain) and women’s history called ‘Catalan Women‘. Over the coming months I will try to unravel the lives of surprising Catalan women and report my findings in installments. There is so much to tell…

29 thoughts on “About me

    • Great to meet you, Helen, and thank you for following my blog. I have to admit that photography is a big part of my life now. It has changed the way I look at things and made me aware of details that I had never seen before. I feel grateful to be able to chase my interests and to share them with terrific people like you!

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  1. Yes, I like to take pictures on the street, although till now I have mostly been capturing objects. Since a week or two I try to photograph people, that’s a bit more complicated. But the weather will soon start to get better and then all kinds of events are taking place downtown, like festivals and jumble sales. I hope to use those opportunity to better my skills. Other favourite haunts are our garden, nearby parks and the national park we have more or less round the corner.


  2. “…and I succeed in taking the picture I want, right then and there or after editing…” Couldn’t agree more Marga. Practice and finding out what your ‘special’ subject (landscapes, portraits etc) is makes photography enjoyable. And thank you for the follow.

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    • Thank you. During holidays I enjoyed taking snapshots and beautiful landscapes, now I have even more fun exploring all the possibilities of my camera and the world around me. Looking forward to more of your photos.


  3. Yes, it is wonderful, not in the least because I am seeing so much more of all the things that surround me. Although I can spend hours capturing fascinating scenes in my hometown, I am already looking forward to me visit to Utrecht next week, another city with an historic centre. Hopefully I will be able to show you some pictures in the near future.


  4. Hi Marga,

    Nice to see your photos. For me, it is always a challenge to see something new in a surrounding I know well. Your pictures of Dordrecht helped me to look at a new way to a so well known surrounding.
    On the other hand you showed me photos of places I only know from stories you and Ton told me. These stories become a bit more alive with your pictures.

    Thank you for doing this.

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    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked the photos. Putting well known places or objects in a different perspective is one of the things that I aim at. Sometimes I am surprised as well to find scenes that I had not seen before, like the bottle display in ‘Art and Dining’.
      Last week I was in Utrecht where I took a photo of a window of the Dom Church that will appear later this afternoon. Without my camera I would never have appreciated that view.
      See you soon and enjoy your stay in France!


    • Thank you, Annette. I am glad my photos painted a smile on your face and hope to make many more with that effect. Shortly I will start a photography course to which I am eagerly looking forward as I hope to get new ideas there.

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    • Yes, you are right. And photography is all about seizing the moment. This not only goes for capturing people, but also capturing the right light. In Spain my favourite time of day was in the morning or later in the afternoon. I expect that in Portugal the midday sun is also rather harsh. Have a nice day!

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