Chapel door in red


Chapel of the Church of Our Lady (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

Two days ago I spent an afternoon capturing some of the features of the Major Church of my hometown, a gothic building constructed on the remains of a Romanesque structure. The sun was shining bright, so there was quite some light.

The church has a series of chapels, mainly used for burying rich citizens who could afford such a prominent place. On this photo you see one of those chapels.

This particular shade of red (claret) is one of the basic colours you find throughout the historic city centre, especially on shutters and gable stones. The decorations of the door are rather elegant in contrast with its surroundings, while the red against the black makes a strong impression. The skulls leave no doubt as to the purpose of the chapel.

My contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors.


20 thoughts on “Chapel door in red

    • Pleased to meet you too! If you ever happen to come this way, I will gladly show you around to see more treasures of Dordrecht. About the pillars, I thought that the only way to show the impact the door made on me was to capture the whole scene and the contrast between the door and the pillars. I am glad you like the photo.


    • Thanks, Vicky. I was mesmerized too when I saw it. Honestly speaking, I had visited the church many times before, but never noticed this beautiful door. But you know, with a camera in your hand, things tend to have more meaning and impact.

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