Village doors


 Door of the church Sant Romà, Joanetes (Catalonia)

Whenever we go to Catalonia on holiday, we prefer to explore the interior and stay in rural accommodations sharing experiences with the locals and other visiting Catalans. In this way we are in for great surprises, like the enchantment of the many villages.

The Vall d’en Bas is a green and fertile valley between the volcanoes of La Garrotxa and the  Serra de Puigsacalm. The seven villages in this area all boast of a beautiful Romanesque church, perfectly built and in good condition.

This is the door of the church Sant Romà in Joanetes in a small and intimate square. In the other corner is the door of house nr. 1 with a border filled with plants, shadowed by a big tree. All in all, a delicious place to stay and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of a summer afternoon.


House in Joanetes (Catalonia)

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