About my photos

When I was in my early twenties, I made my first trip abroad, alone. That was when I started taking photos, the standard ones. Gradually I became interested in photography, but lacked the time to go deeper into it. Now I have more time on my hands and I feel the urge to get a bit more creative. This phase has just begun, so I am rather excited to know what I will come up with in the future. Here are some of my sources of inspiration.

Our national means of transport, very practical. My first bicycle photo was ‘Wheels’.IMG_1787 When a few days later I saw another interesting bicycle, I decided to make this one of my subjects.
The challenge that I have set for myself is to be creative in bicycle photos, so I have to look at them in a new way. They are all around me, but where is that special picture?

Dordrecht, my hometown
Although I was not born here, I have come to love Dordrecht, especially its historic centre. I often go there for a walk to admire the buildings, the rivers, the marina, the museums … Since a couple of months I take my camera with me and take photos whenever something catches my eye. Sometimes it turns out to be a postcard, but the centre also offers opportunities to experiment. At moments with less inspiration I go for reds and blues. Funny that at those moments I frequently find serendipity at my side.

Train stations
When I was working as an interpreter, I had to travel quite a lot. This involved waiting at train stations. Whenever I could, I took my camera with me (not for court interpretations, as the camera is not allowed inside the court). Strolling up and down the platform I kept looking out for striking details, colourful elements or interesting people. It has become an odd collection, but I have decided to continue this project, for I have not stopped traveling!

The pride of our garden is an old pear tree that gives us loads of delicious, sweet pears each year. Légipond is an old fashioned variety that the shops don’t offer, because it does not keep well. No problem for us, as we give our friends their share and prepare all kinds of recipes with our pears. The story goes that in 1947 a nearby farmer went from door to door to sell little pear trees. While most of the trees in the neighbourhood have been cut down (what a shame), we cherish ours.
I have always loved to trees, although it is not exactly clear to me why. Probably it is their esthetics, as I especially admire them in winter. Therefore it was rather frustrating that I didn’t know how to make nice photos of trees. But now that I am taking photography more seriously, I have discovered that it offers many options for composition, point of view, light, etc. So I am into trees again and the pear tree will surely make its appearance in my gallery.