Mirror for sale


The shop that is part of the project of Villa Augustus (restaurant, hotel and vegetable and flower garden) is filled to the top – literally – with all kinds of objects.

They sell vegetables and fruit from their own plot, cakes and cookies, jams and marmelades, seeds, earthenware, books, postcards and a lot of other things.

As the place is crammed, it is a challenge to take interesting pictures there. Last time I was there, I found this mirror. In it you see reflected among other things part of the old engine room converted into shop, the stairs leading to the second floor, the lamp (upper left) consisting of glass ware and a stuffed hawk.

The supply of goods varies per day, so it is always an adventure to look around and see what you chance upon this time.

6 thoughts on “Mirror for sale

    • Thank you, Helen. The picture surprised me when I looked well at it, so many things to see. I took a whole series of pictures in this place, like the ‘Edible mosaic’. It is great fun to come here, walk around, eat or drink something, and take photos. They even have hotel rooms in the former water tower which allegedly are fabulous.

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