Family portrait


Last weekend Dordrecht was filled with steam because of the big biannual event ‘Dordt in Stoom‘.

For three days steamers sail up and down the rivers hooting when they meet another steamer, while the quays are black (literally as well as metaphorically speaking) with model steam trains, steamrollers, steam organs, all kinds of steam engines like fire extinguishers and clog-making machines, in short everything that is propelled by steam power.

To add to the fun many volunteers are dressed up like nineteenth century workers or city folk. Children can pose on a velocipede accompanied by make-believe parents in a period costume while their real parents take pictures.

The ‘family’ on the photo was in charge of this attraction together with some colleagues. Obviously they took turns and these three were now having a break. To me it seemed like a scene of a historical movie, so I just had to click.

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. For more great b&w photos go and see her page (with more steam!).

10 thoughts on “Family portrait

  1. A perfect, period photo from this angle. The pose of the two adults suggests that they are actually busy on their phones, so the front view might have been less historic!


  2. Phones, of course, and me the naive one thinking that they were trying to chose which sandwich to eat first. All in all it was rather difficult to create a completely historic scene during this event. This one was rather easy, only had to crop the photo a little.


  3. Although I am not that interested in boats, I love to see these old ones. You can even have a guided visit around some of them which we did two years ago. A neighbour owns a steamboat of about 100 years old and keeps it tiptop. Every now and then we go onboard to have a look. In case your husband is interested, in 2018 the event will be organized again.


  4. Thank you, Helen. When I spotted that trio, I was so afraid one of them would move or that somehow the scene would be altered that I got rather nervous. Fortunately I gave myself time to frame it right and I was very glad with the outcome (smile).


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