Charcoal, fire, steam


During the big biannual event ‘Dordt in Stoom‘ at the end of May where I made Family portrait, all kinds of steam engines were on display. Thanks to the many hobbyists who were operating them, we could also see them working.

As a consequence there was charcoal all around the city centre to fuel the engines. This small door of a steam roller was open, which had more than one advantage. Apart from being able to see the fire burning, it also warmed me up on this cool and rainy day.

For more doors, go to Norm’s Thursday Doors. And for some interesting interpretations of the word ‘open’, visit Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 29.



11 thoughts on “Charcoal, fire, steam

    • Thank you, Janet. One of the fun things is that I only notice the doors when I am looking for a candidate for Thursday Doors. I will quickly go and have a look at the other contributions. Yours were nice too, by the way!


    • Thank you, Norm. Funny that I had not noticed that my photo showed a door till I was looking through my pictures for today’s post. You probably can imagine the smile that came on my face when I realized this.

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  1. Thanks, Joey, glad you like it. It was only afterwards that I found this picture interesting. At the moment of taking the photo it was raining and this was the only feature I could capture from my shelter.


  2. Thank you. Yesterday and today are cold here as well with a lot of rain today, but there are promises for higher temperatures and better weather later this week. I had not been able to participate in Hugh’s Challenge for some weeks, so I grabbed the opportunity and posted this photo. Have a nice day despite the weather!


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