Chair along the canal


Knolhaven, Dordrecht (Netherlands)

After a few months of having other things on my mind than taking photos (nothing serious), I hope to be able to post more photos now and then (apart from my street photography that you can find on my other blog The Photographer Roamed the Streets…

I am still experimenting with B&W photography and this is one of the results: a metal chair that I found in the historic centre of my hometown along one of the canals. The chair seems quite pretty, but I doubt if it is comfortable. With a cushion or two maybe?

5 thoughts on “Chair along the canal

      • Writing away. Working in the garden. Mourning the death of our beloved dog Liam. Life is like that.


      • Sounds familiar. I am sorry to hear about Liam. It is always painful to loose a dog (or a cat in our case), especially when he/she has been a member of the household for a long time. Any news on Maya? Are you working on a new book?

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      • Yes, so sad to lose a fur buddy. How we miss them. I have just finished the second book in the series—Library Lost. The content editing has been done. Now it’s off for the copy editing. In the meantime, I’m taking a little break from fiction writing. Sometimes it’s good to pause between projects. Thanks for asking!


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