Dordrecht (Netherlands)

How long this painting has been on the wall of the town hall, I have no idea, but I recently discovered it when I was on a photo hunt.

It took me a while and a number of pictures before I had this one which shows a number of interesting details. I liked the opposite positions of the two young women as well as the lack of clothes of the left one and the warm winter coat of the girl on the bike. Moreover, the movement of the mural to me suggests that the right one is being maneuvered out of the picture, but that is wholly my fantasy.

Do you like the painting?

6 thoughts on “Mural

    • Thank you, Laura. Street photography is all about patience and acting in a matter of seconds, another interesting combination of opposites. Not easy, but when I get a picture like this, I can really smile from ear to ear.

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  1. I like the photo with its added human interest and contrast but I’m not sure I’d want to live in sight of the mural. To my eye it looks rather as if the naked woman is being washed down a plughole!

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    • Oh no, a woman down the drain! I think she is simply plunging into the water, but now you have made me doubt my own memory. I just have to go and look at the mural another time to see if you are right. And in fact there are apartments looking out onto the painting.

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    • Hi Michael, This mural is painted on a wall in Dordrecht, Netherlands. The municipality has asked a number of artists to decorate some big walls in the city, and this is one of the results. Actually the painting is bigger than on the photo; on this video you can see the artists at work: I have looked at your portfolio, your paintings are great with some really nice effects. I guess you are located in the US.
      Have a wonderful day.


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