Autumn shadows


Almshousese on the Pottenkade, Dordrecht (Netherlands)

One autumn afternoon I went on a photo tour through the historic centre of my hometown and saw this view of a small quay. The red colour of the door and windows in combination with the shadows of the trees struck me and I could not leave without taking this picture.

My contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors.


12 thoughts on “Autumn shadows

    • Thank you, Jean. This is one of the pictures I took for my photography course (it is about street photography, so the final result had people on it). The teacher also liked the shadows saying that the form an organic element in the rigid patterns of the house.
      The red is one of the ‘official’ colors of Dordrecht, as it is a color that has been used over the centuries in my hometown.

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    • Yes, I like it too. When I first came on the scene the sun washing, so I noticed the effect of the doors and the shadows. When I was getting my camera, the sun hided behind the clouds. It took me about ten minutes of patient waiting, but there it was again!


    • Hm, maybe you are right. I saw the shadows first and then the doors. The palette belongs to the ‘official’ colors of all the monuments of my hometown, as the municipality restored the historic colours the buildings had. So in other monuments you will also see this lovely red.

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