My favourite cycling tour


Kop van ‘t Land, Dordrecht (Netherlands)

My hometown Dordrecht is situated on an island with a lot of history. One of the main events was to a tremendous flood in the Middle Ages causing the island to be decimated. As we Dutch are used to do, over the centuries the land has been reclaimed giving the town and its inhabitants more space.

Over the years the views on water management have developed and part of the land has been given back to nature. Partly to manage the surplus of water in winter or in case of emergencies, partly to create more recreational opportunities, like canoeing or hiking.

When I want to go on a short cycling tour, I take a trip of about an hour to see the above spot of the canal Nieuwe Merwede with an area reserved for the surplus of water. The light is always different according to the season and the hour. Just like the sea that I used to go to when I was young; now I live more inland, but the rivers and canals around ‘my’ island are a worthy substitute.

My first response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Water. For a second one go to my new blog ‘The Photographer Roamed the Streets…’ dedicated to street photography with today’s post Summer memories.

8 thoughts on “My favourite cycling tour

    • Yes, very beautiful. I guess that over here we have a centuries long tradition of water management, we even have special institutions that look out for security in that area, for example they check and control the dikes. Better safe than sorry is a sound adagio in this matter. But I’m afraid for some people money is much more important than that.

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