Cleaning the boat


One of the villages we visited during our holiday in Friesland was Woudsend, like most of the other towns it is small and picturesque.

Yes, they really are called towns, because they have town privileges granted to them in the Middle Ages, when the region flourished largely thanks to the fishery. For example, the export of eel to London was an important source of income which lasted till the 1920s. The number of inhabitants nowadays is rather limited, as it fluctuates between 1.400 and 1.500.

In summer, though, the population temporarily increases due to the pleasure yachts and other vessels. My husband has been canoeing rather often in these surroundings, but this time we behaved as real tourists: wandering around, looking here and there, visiting the occasional museum and having tea on a terrace. This photo of the man cleaning his yacht was taken from our seats on the quay of Woudsend.

Reviewing my Friesland photos the color blue struck me in this one. So I thought it would be a nice contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colors that start with the letter B.


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