Not so ordinary washstand


Abbey of the Sacromonte, Granada (Spain)

It was a rather steep climb to the Abbey of the Sacromonte in Granada, but well worth the effort. Decades ago I had seen the statue Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the Gypsies from 1695, as the Sacromonte houses many gypsy families), carried around the quarter in a procession during the Holy Week, but I had never seen where it hangs the rest of the year.

The monastery was very interesting, as it boasts a library with important books, such as a collection of incunabula and codices. Just the thing for me. So among other things I admired a Mapamundi by Claudius Ptolemy from AD 150 and one of the standard works of Averroes, a medieval polymath. Unfortunately, but logically, I could not take any pictures there.

After my visit I went to the lavatory, where I found this extraordinary washstand. Very much in harmony with its surroundings. The mirror reflected the cloister, so I ventured to take this photo of the lavatory and thus get a reflection of the cloister. It was a bit tricky to get the light right, as the inside of the bathroom was dark and the cloister enjoyed the full sunshine of noon. All in all, I hope you get an impression of the atmosphere.

In response to the Mundane Monday Challenge #121.

16 thoughts on “Not so ordinary washstand

    • Thank you! There certainly was a reason and I was glad I spotted the reflection, so that I could capture the lovely building. (Sorry for my late reply, but I have been on a short holiday in the north of the country and just returned.)

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