De Falla’s door


House/museum of Manuel de Falla, Granada (Spain)

Very near the Alhambra the composer Manuel de Falla (El amor brujoNoches en los jardines de España) found his particular piece of heaven on earth in a carmen, a typical house in Granada with a small patio, where he lived with his sister from 1919 till 1939. At the end of the Spanish Civil War he left for Argentina never to return to Spain.

Nowadays his house is a museum that breathes the atmosphere of the musician thanks to the fact that nothing has changed since his departure. His hat is still on the hatstand and it looks like he left his desks (he had a winter and summer desk) just some minutes ago. Many other objects related to his personal life, his music and important cultural names of that period add special interest to the museum.

Even if you are not especially interested in De Falla, a visit to the museum is well worthwhile, as it offers a splendid opportunity to find out what a carmen looks like on the inside and how people lived at the beginning of the past century.


Patio of the museum

My contribution to this week’s edition of Thursday Doors.


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