Entrance door

IMG_4773.jpgMany cities in the Netherlands boast courtyards of almshouses, often established in the Middle Ages. Last year I already showed you an example that you can find in my hometown, Dordrecht: Houses for poor women.

The ‘Begijnhof’ (‘Courtyard of the Beguines’) from 1267 in Breda is another site that is well worth a visit. In two courts 29 houses are grouped round a herb garden where the smell is lovely. What always strikes me, is the silence that reigns in these courtyards amid the noise and bustle of a busy city.

This picture was taken during an assignment of my photography course. The teacher allowed us fifteen minutes per monument to capture the exterior of each building. I photographed turrets, windows and everything else that seemed interesting, but in the end I preferred this photo of the entrance that was included in my presentation. Below an impression of the interior of the courtyard.


My contribution to this week’s edition of Thursday Doors.


10 thoughts on “Entrance door

    • Thank you for your comment, Judith. I think it was the light that attracted me to that door in the first place. I made the second photo first, but thought the door was worthy of its own picture. For me it had some mystery, maybe because of the hint of the space you mention.

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    • Thank you, Janet. So you are a book fan too. I do have an ereader that I use rather often, but mostly for books that are no (longer) available on paper. But I still prefer to have a ‘real’ book in my hands when I am reading. Handling them soothes me for some reason. And some of the covers are so beautiful…


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