Cube houses



On my last trip to Rotterdam I took some pictures of this set of curious designs of architect Piet Blom, based on the idea of a forest of houses. The bright yellow buildings are titled 45 degrees and rest on pylons; the idea is to optimize the space within the three floors.

There are small cubes and ‘super cubes’ that are all attached to each other around some squares you can reach by a couple of stairs. One of the residents opened a show cube to resolve all your doubts if you can create a normal home in these constructions. Another cube even houses a chess museum.

All in all a must on your excursion list if you love out of the ordinary designs.





2 thoughts on “Cube houses

  1. Great photos of a curious and appealing development. Inevitably the question my mind comes up with first is ‘if this is a forest of houses, where’s the forest floor?’ I followed the interesting links you provided and if looks as though the treatment of the land below the houses is sadly unimaginative.

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    • Thank you for your interest and comment. Yes, you are right (never thought about this). Just bricks and concrete. Nothing much has been done with the small squares. It could have been much more interesting project if the land had been included in the innovative style.

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