Hand waiting for the next client


Summer fair in Dordrecht (Netherlands)

Glad to be back after a short illness and five days without any connection to the Internet. To celebrate this I post a simple photo that I took some weeks ago when the summer fair had landed in my hometown. Everyone is off again, while the next festival is only a couple of days away. Hopefully I can take some interesting pictures there.

4 thoughts on “Hand waiting for the next client

    • Thanks, Judith. It looks like the girl was a bit bored. The weather had been rainy, so there were few people around. The sun had just come back, but not yet the clients. It reminds me of the short story ‘The Girl in the Cage’ by Henry James, who watches the world go by from her cubicle.

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    • Thanks, Laurie. The worst of all: the whole year I had been looking forward to the book fair that is held in my hometown once a year and exactly that day I was feeling awful! Never mind, I still have heaps of books waiting to be read.


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