A man and his chairs

Granada - 1 (1).jpg

When Cee announced her new Fun Foto Challenge featuring furniture, I immediately knew which photo to post. On a recent walk through the city centre I found this man standing proudly in front of his shop offering these brand new chairs.

Their colours appealed to me as well as the neat shadows underneath the chairs. The shop’s name ‘De Inrichterij’ is a fancy word, but has to do with interior decoration. The subtitle is ‘Timeless living’. Hmm…

6 thoughts on “A man and his chairs

    • Thank you, Cee. When I talked about this photo with friends, it turned out that it is a wellknown sight in the city centre. Never noticed it until I was roaming the streets with my camera. 🙂


  1. Inrichterij is not as fancy as all those fashionable (groan) nederengelsk and presumably posh English brandnames. I wonder if there’s already a German shop called Einrichterei. It would make perfect sense, even if it’s newly made up. I know a tailor calling his shop Kleiderei (now wouldn’t *clothery* sound just silly?) and a café named Genießerei (“enjoyery” – ha!).

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    • You’re right. I can really shudder when I read all that nonsense of people trying to sound English. When I studied Catalan and we discussed the topic ‘communication’, we had to analyse the use of English on the front page of magazines. Just awful! But apparently it gives the magazine more standing, sophistication. I just laugh when I see it. So, I join you in your ha-ha.

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