Multidimensional view

Granada - 1.jpg

Market Hall, Rotterdam

On my recent photo trip to Rotterdam I also went to the ‘Markthal‘, a market hall in the spirit of ‘La Boqueria‘ of Barcelona, combined with apartments above and a four-storey garage underneath.

Its architectural structure resembles a horseshoe and has a glass facade on both sides which gives us, photographers, lots of opportunities to try our hand at taking interesting pictures.

On this photo you see on the left a big floral display (for me too high to touch and check if the flowers were real), in the hall itself. Next to it you have a view on the Sint-Laurenskerk outside, the only remnant of the medieval city.

Then a glass wall within showing a yellow-green and black part, in the latter you see reflected the glass wall behind the floral display. On the far right you can discern some glasses in a bar established behind the black glass wall. A very multilayered scene, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Multidimensional view

    • Dank je, Edward. Voor mijn bezoek heb ik eerst foto’s van anderen van de Markthal bekeken en het leek me moeilijk om een originele foto van het gebouw te maken. Dit gezichtspunt vond ik wel spannend en had ik nog niet gezien. Jij hebt daar vast ook al eens staan fotograferen.


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