Two tickets, please


Every summer a fair invades the city centre and stays there for some ten days, a highlight in town life, especially for the young. Music, attractions, side-shows, food, … it’s all theirs for the taking.

As a little girl I used to love the Ferris wheel, but would not think of it right now to go up there and get whooshed around at a frenzy speed. These wheels seem to get higher and quicker by the year, but it could be my age of course.

Nevertheless I still love the fair for the opportunity it gives me to take photos, like this one where a mother buys tickets for a merry-go-round. Later the woman in the booth turned around and gave me an angry look. Funny, because everyone is taking photos with their phones and nobody cares, but they do not like it when I sneak around  with my camera trying to take that other picture. Never mind, I enjoyed it just the same.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient.

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