Sunlight playing with water


Fuente de las Batallas, Granada (Spain)

One of those afternoons in Granada that I was walking with my camera at the ready, I happened to pass this square with the fountain. I was struck by the backlight illuminating the water and turning the passersby into silhouettes.

It was an image that left me with my mouth open and I nearly forgot to capture the scene. Luckily I came to my senses, so that I can show you the result of the sunlight playing with the spouting fountain. It is just like a B&W photo, isn’t it?


9 thoughts on “Sunlight playing with water

    • Dank je, Edward. Ik knipte op goed geluk, omdat tegenlicht altijd zo lastig is. Bij de eerste poging zag ik dat het wat kon worden, dus toen ben ik echt serieus bezig gegaan. Zonder die camera had ik er misschien niet eens bij stil gestaan (letterlijk).


    • Thank you! The effect of the sunlight in the water was enhanced by a light breeze that now and then passed over the square. Made the scene more impressive still.
      I saw that you recently posted about your trip to Spain. Are you still there, took more photos?


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