The remains of a palace


Site of the Nasrid Palace, San José Cemetery, Granada (Spain)

One of the items on my bucket list for Granada was a visit to the cemetery of San José, because I knew that it is known for its vastness (110.000 m2) and great variety of tombs and gravestones. I had also read about the archeological remains of an Arab palace that allegedly was older than the Alhambra. So I started my walk uphill in search of all this.

The memorial stones were impressive indeed, but the most charming spot of the graveyard was the meadow on which had been located the Alumina Real de los Alixares, The Nasrid Kings‘ fatuous palace, built between 1375 and 1395. The peace and quiet of the place and the breathtaking view of the pond and the ancient stones with the Sierra Nevada as a background made me feel humble.

I could only sit down in the shadow of one of the trees and look around me thinking about the contrast between the natural beauty and the wars that had been fought here. After an hour or so I felt sorry to have to leave this place, but fortunately this picture remains.

My contribution to Tuesday Photo Challenge of Dutch goes the Photo! with this week’s theme Old, which not only goes for the archeological site but also for the mountains that are older still.

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