The horseman, the moon and the swallows

IMG_5726Swallows always attract my attention. On the one side I envy them the energy they constantly emanate, on the other hand I welcome their arrival late spring announcing the arrival of summer. Shrieking out loud they seem to enjoy the fine weather, but that could be my imagination.

One night in Granada as I was waiting at a traffic light I heard them again and I just had to look up. Then I saw this picture: a horseman (blindfolded?) on top of the town hall, a nearly full moon and swallows circling above the square.

Trying to capture the scene I skipped a green light or two; this is the picture that gathers best the three elements. It makes me think of the illustration of a fairy tale telling about a horseman turned into stone about to be rescued by the full moon and the swallows trying to conjure its magical power. Or am I being too imaginative? What thoughts come up as you look at the picture?

WordPress Photo Challenge: Evanescent.


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