Standing breakfast

IMG_5675In Spain it is quite common to have your breakfast in a bar or café on your way to work, there is one on every corner. When I lived in Granada in the 1970s, I used to have mine in the hotel where I had a job as a secretary: coffee and toast with olive oil and salt.

On my recent journey there I had booked a room without breakfast so as to be able to take my breakfast à la Spanish. Every morning I had my coffee/tea with toast, sometimes freshened up with tomato (a perfect combination).

This particular café had a lot of regular customers, like this gentleman who always took his breakfast standing consuming the same menu each day: coffee, toast and a glass of water; the waiter did not even ask what he wanted.

I was sitting outside on the terrace and liked his pose, his state of tranquility as well as the dappled shade. This is one of the pictures I took of him.


2 thoughts on “Standing breakfast

    • Yes, it is very relaxed most of the time. People are reading the newspapers, talking to other regular customers or simply watching passersby. When I was working there, it was the perfect moment to catch up with all the gossip. 😉

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