Plaza de la Trinidad, Granada (Spain)

After having been absent for a while due to all kinds of positive and not so positive events, I am trying to resume posting and show you every now and then some of the photos that I did continue to take in the past few months. (Hope you have been okay meanwhile?)

One of the positive things I did was spending ten days in Granada (Spain), where I had been living and working in the early 1970s, to see what had become of the city that I loved so much in those days. I took quite some pictures, not only of the monuments but also of street life. Here is one of them.

One morning I was enjoying my breakfast in Café Goya on the Plaza de la Trinidad that was still there after forty years, and meanwhile looked outside. The view seemed hardly altered: the lovely square filled with trees and benches, the kiosk and the terrace chairs.

It was funny to see the man’s head pop up in the window each time he thought a customer approached his ‘shop’. Later on I bought from him my bolsita de pipas (package of sunflower seeds) to nibble on my way through the city.


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