Shadows that pass in the afternoon


Of late it has been rather nasty weather: cold, icy roads, snow, wind, etc., and sometimes all of this at the same time. So I have done little roaming on the streets to take pictures of interesting people.

Last week suddenly the sun was shining and the temperatures were very pleasing. Just the circumstances I like and there I was in the city centre with my camera.

In this time of the year the shadows are very long which gives my the opportunity to play with them. Just round the corner of a shop I was watching people going by in the nearby street and spotted their shadows before I saw the persons. This intrigued me.

I have tried to capture this feeling in the picture: long shadows with in the upper right corner a hint of the people to whom they belong.

5 thoughts on “Shadows that pass in the afternoon

    • Thank you, Helen. It is funny, but when I was standing there waiting for something interesting coming by, I could not foresee that these shadows would make such an interesting picture.
      Let’s hope spring is coming indeed. Temperatures are moderate now, but it is cloudy and raining most of the time. Maybe it will be better in a couple of days.

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