Last weekend a Christmas Market was organized in my hometown, allegedly the biggest in the country. Honestly speaking, the majority of the booths just were ordinary market stalls embellished with Christmas decorations. And of course, ‘Jingle Bells’ and Rudolph were ubiquitous.

Not my kind of thing, but it did stimulate me to go out there and make the most of street photography. This photo shows one of the many musicians. I liked the contrast of the trumpet against the black cloth; the shadow of the instrument also helped.

My contribution to Mundane Monday of this week.


4 thoughts on “Trumpet

    • Bedankt, Edward. Ik moest wel geduld hebben en na veel mislukte shots had ik er eindelijk eentje die beter was. Jammergenoeg waren er op de Dordtse kerstmarkt niet van die kleurrijke figuren als in Maassluis.


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