Living in the shop


A lived-in house turned into a shop, that is what you see on this photo. Two keen collectors of antiquities, curios and objets d’art who live together in one of the monumental houses in the city centre, have been filling their home with all kinds of objects for years.

One day they looked around and thought the house was getting too small for all their bric-a-brac and decided to open it for the general public who would be able to buy literally everything they saw. So if you like the lampshade next to the bench, the vase standing in the living room or the hallstand, you can take it home after having paid its price.

As people kept telling them that the house/shop has a lot of ambiance, they started to offer catering as well. So you can wander around and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and cake (fancy the cup? it’s yours for a couple of Euros) before making up your mind about buying that antique doll.

The door is always open, so do not hesitate to enter this house as you are more than welcome to do so. By the way, the pictures ‘Kitchen towel‘ and ‘Mirrors, mirrors on the wall‘ were also taken in this shop.



14 thoughts on “Living in the shop

  1. Thank you, Janet. It was a shop in which I could not stop taking photos, so many interesting items. With this mirror I was lucky that someone just entered which makes the picture more interesting. And yes, it is a curious story and a curious shop, worthwhile to take a look now and then.


    • Thank you, Joan. I think it is a nice concept, as it does not feel like a shop, you feel immediately ‘at home’. I wonder, though, what it feels like to have all those strange people inspecting every corner of your house.

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