The blue chair


Last Saturday it was National Neighbourhood’s Day and a lot of parties were organized all over the country. In our neighbourhood there was also a party right on the street and the organizers had asked me to take some photos. The reason was that the municipality had granted them financial aid and in return wanted a ‘full report with pictures’, so that they knew where the money had been invested in.

As the date came nearer, I became more nervous because of the official touch, so I went downtown to do some street photography exercises. In the beginning I felt a bit embarrassed, but warmed to the concept as I took more pictures.

On my way through one of the busy commercial streets this blue plastic chair caught me eye. Such a modern colourful object in front of a classic building in dark and grey shades. It turned out to be the shop of a very fashionable hairdresser, so I guess the chair answered to their style ideas.

It was an object that fitted well in the Mundane Monday series, I thought, so here it is. And by the way, everyone was enthusiastic about my photos of the street party and I had a lot of fun taking them.

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