Reminiscence of the milkman


In the historic centre of my hometown little by little small specialized shops begin to reappear that pick up traditional trades, like a bakery where fresh bread smells like the old days.

The shop annex small café has a lot of atmosphere, so I love to come here and sit in front of the shop drinking my fresh mint tea while nibbling at a luscious chocolate muffin.

The last time I went there, I saw this old milk can that reminded me of my youth when the milkman used to ring his bells each morning and people, like my mother, went to his car with a jug or two. Then the milkman poured fresh milk from a cistern into his can and then into the jug.

There were other traders that went from door to door, like the man with fresh butter and eggs or the knife-grinder. Every Friday a man with a street organ came by trying to earn a couple of guilders. At that time very few cars passed through the street, so we were always playing on the pavement: playing marbles, rope-skipping, curb ball, etc. Those were the days…

Memories that came to my mind when I was picking a photo for the WordPress Photo Challenge: Nostalgia.


8 thoughts on “Reminiscence of the milkman

    • Thank you so much for you comment, Helen. Actually it is true that I smile a lot when taking the photos or seeing a scene that I would like to capture. When I make the post, I look at the picture and just write what comes to my mind. I am glad you like it. Have a great day too!

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  1. In India, we still use traditional cans…but they’re either Stainles steel or steel! Not these though. I have seen such utensils hailing from mid 70-80’s but not milk cans!

    perfect for WPC-Nostalgia

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  2. The milk can of the photo probably is older than the 70s or 80s, but the ones you saw could easily have survived from the 50s when I saw them, just like the one from the photo. What are the traditional cans used for nowadays in India?


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