Tempus fugit


What illustrates the passing of time better than the ever shifting rays of the sun? It became almost palpable to me when I was taking photos in the Church of Our Lady in my hometown.

I had to be quick to capture the light shining on the several parts of the church, like the sunlight casting its rays through a window on this tombstone from the 17th century. Another witness of the time, our time, that passes.

The church is full of these old tombstones, so full of the history of the town and its inhabitants. On this one you can discern the word ‘begraven’ which means ‘buried’. The surname of one of the people lying here is Koster (Churchwarden), a rather common Dutch family name.

My contribution to the ‘Time’ challenge of The Girl that Dreams Awake. Go and visit her site for more time photos.


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