A loft full of history


Two weeks ago the main monuments in town opened their doors for free so that everyone interested could come and have a look. This is a yearly event and I always use the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity.

One of the monuments that I visited was this house called ‘t Zeepaert dating from the late Middle Ages. Many documents related to this building have survived, so a lot of information is available. The name probably refers to Cornelis Pietersz Van den Bos, a soap-boiler who lived here with his family at the end of the 16th century.

The house has been wonderfully restored and its rooms can be rented for meetings, parties, etc. This is the only way the foundation, owner of the premises, can pay its maintenance.

This photo was taken in the loft that has been fitted up just as it must have been in the time of Van den Bos, full of tubs and other objects like this ladder. No artificial lights, only daylights enters here, presumably far better for the medieval roof beams.

I liked the atmosphere up here, so mysterious and full of history, and decided to make it my contribution to Jithin’s Mundane Monday.


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