Sunset in the polder


At the moment the summer is having so much fun that she does not want to say goodbye. Temperatures are very high and records keep being broken, as we live the hottest September since the weather registration began. So during the daytime people are laying low and in the evening enjoy the slightly lower temperatures.

A few days ago I took my bike and made a trip through the polders nearby, one of my favourite routes. I love the flat land and the wide views you have, every day different according to the time, the weather and the season.

This particular evening the sunset had a golden glow that hung over the meadows and fields. Several times I got off my bike and made pictures like this one where the sun even illuminates the road and its elegant curve. Can you imagine that I have made this trip countless times before and still enjoy the landscape?

My contribution to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. If you want to know more about polders, look here.

11 thoughts on “Sunset in the polder

    • Thanks, Georgie. The land is completely flat overhere, you only have to conquer the ubiquitous dykes and bridges. Not only here (Dordrecht actually is an island), but in the whole country, as there is water everywhere. So a bike provided with a couple of speeds comes in very handy. 😉

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