Twin doors


Pottenkade, Dordrecht (Netherlands)

After my shooting session in the church a few weeks ago I strolled around the building and ended up on the Pottenkade, where I saw this small house with its twin doors.

It must have been there for ages, but I never noticed it until then when I was looking with my camera eye. Around the corner a woman was sitting on the porch, so it looked like it was lived in.

A privileged place along the canal where I would not mind to spend some time, maybe not forever as the house looked quite small. Anyway, it is another nice spot I will return to every now and then.

My contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors, a website you should check out if you like doors.

5 thoughts on “Twin doors

  1. I’m not sure, Janet, as I did not see any numbers next to the doors. You got me curious, so I will try to find out. And yes, it is a very peaceful spot, because there are no cars nor any other traffic. I sat down for a while on the stairs leading to the canal to have a different view on the water. Nice!


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