Painted umbrella


This curious umbrella is for sale in the gift shop of the Dordrechts Museum. It depicts the iconic painting ‘View of Dordrecht’ by Jan van Goyen (1651).

It is an emblematic work of art, especially for the museum and the people of Dordrecht, because of its recent history. The cityscape had been exposed in the picture gallery for more than forty years being the public’s darling, until it had to be returned in 2006 after a whole series of legal proceedings to the family that had owned it before WWII.

Immediately an operation was started with the motto ‘Give Dordrecht back its view’. The crowdfunding was a huge success, thanks also to the contributions of many inhabitants of the city. In two years’ time the amount of 3,5 million Euros had been collected, so that the museum could buy the painting back from the family. Its return was celebrated as a big event getting a prominent place in the museum. No wonder this work appears on all kinds of objects.

My contribution to Mundane Monday.

4 thoughts on “Painted umbrella

    • Yes, it was a complicated story of this nature, called the Goudstikker affair, named after the family. Many museums had to give back pictures that formed an important part of their stock. The official owner then was the State of the Netherlands and the works of art were given on a loan basis to the galleries.

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