Watery sunshine


One wintry day the sky was covered with clouds which gave the town a sad and dark appearance. Then suddenly there was the sun trying to break through the heavy veil that was hiding her. This small spot brightened up the afternoon and my mood.

After a couple of minutes the sun was gone again, but the happy effect stayed with me for quite some time. On the photo I tried to capture the welcome view of the sunlight shining through the bare tree.

This tree picture is my contribution to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge of this week. The funny thing is that I did not need to convert it into b&w, as the original colours of the image give exactly this impression. Would the photo also qualify for Frank Jansen’s  Tuesday Photo Challenge: Light?

16 thoughts on “Watery sunshine

    • Thank you, Frank. For quite some time I have been planning to participate in your challenge, now I did it and I am glad you like the photo. Hopefully I will be able to send in more pictures for future challenges. Have a great weekend!

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      • Great to have you participate, Marga. That photo is just gorgeous (I love shooting toward the light, as you may have noticed from a lot of my photography).

        Have a wonderful weekend,


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