For today’s Mundane Monday Challenge I would like to show you one of my favorite items in our home: the potbellied stove.

We ‘inherited’ the stove from the former inhabitants who did not want to take it with them. Although you can burn anything in it, we prefer to use wood only.

It is not that we stoke it often, we have a properly working central heating system. But it is very cozy sitting around it on very cold days, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Then we do nothing at all, only put a log in now and then, enjoy the pleasant heat and listen to the sounds of the fire.


8 thoughts on “Pot-belly

    • Formerly the wood came from our own willow. In the end we had to cut it down, because it became too big and the roots were invading the shed. So now we have to buy the wood, but the warmth is the same!


      • Yes, indeed. We have a wood furnace, and although we have backup heat, we mostly heat with wood in the winter. Nothing like it. In fact, our winter wood is being delivered this Friday.

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