For years I have been walking past this folly in a nearby front garden without giving it a further look. I knew it was there, that was all.

Recently something caught my eye: the inhabitants of the house had placed an old bike next to it. That was the moment that I looked twice and realized it could be an addition to my doors photos. And of course a candidate for Thursday Doors. So some late afternoon when I passed it with my camera, I took this shot.

The ‘house’ looks very tidy and I wonder if they close the doors when it rains or when the night has fallen. Maybe I have to pay it another visit at a later hour than 5.06 PM…


17 thoughts on “Folly

    • Did you ever take a picture of such a bike? Friends of ours who have lived in a flat near the beach told us that things in general tended to rust, maybe only here in Holland, because of the salt water. Or maybe in your parts too?


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