Help on a hot day


Today’s Mundane Monday photo shows the new presence in our living-room during the past few days.

Suddenly it was blazingly hot, something we are not used to in our area. So sunshades, awnings, parasols, ventilators and what not began to appear. We usually stick to closing the curtains and opening the doors on the shadow part, but this time we also needed the help of the ventilator to keep  us from succumbing to the heat.

Well, that is how we felt as the high temperatures took us by surprise after a few very rainy and cool weeks. Anyway, a good opportunity to try and take a picture of this invention. We still need it from time to time.

5 thoughts on “Help on a hot day

    • Thank you, Rose, glad you like it. I had been walking through the house camera in hand chasing a mundane object that was willing to pose for me. Then my eye fell on this one and I tried some angles till I got this picture.


    • Thank you, Jithin. I tried out various points of view (the problem was that you could spot other objects through the ventilator) till I was satisfied with this one. I am glad you like the picture.


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