Cottage window


For today’s Monday Window I have chosen this romantic cottage that I captured during our stay in the eastern part of the country a couple of weeks ago. It is situated in the village of Kalenberg (‘barren mountain’, although there is no mountain to be seen for miles around) in the national park ‘de Weerribben‘.

The community is rather small, while the houses are built in two long rows on both sides of the canal. The same one that appeared on an earlier photo called ‘Thoroughly Dutch‘. In this window you see the reflection of the farm house on the other side of the water.

I would not mind to live in one of these fabulous houses with a big garden at the back, but we have been wondering how people have their things delivered, as there is only a small cycle path in front of the houses and a narrow draw bridge that connects them with the main road. Perhaps they still use those canal barges that I saw last week in Utrecht stocking up a riverside café.

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