Working in the clouds


IMG_3484Yesterday I went to Rotterdam that is proud of its modern architecture. Maybe you know the city centre was terribly bombed during WWII. They made the most of it and now claim to be ‘Manhattan on the Meuse’.

Leaving the station you already meet the first skyscrapers. Looking up is inevitable. On the left of the photo you see part of the roof of the recently renovated Central Station. The ‘blue’ building houses several offices. Like it or not, I think it makes an almost graphic picture.

Just in time to send in my second contribution to WordPress Photo Challenge: Look up.

7 thoughts on “Working in the clouds

    • Thank you, Alexandria. It was a great day, but then again the buildings each time have a different look. With menacing clouds the effects are impressive. So it is worthwhile to look up whenever you pass them.

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    • Thanks, Jude. The effects surprised me, although I hoped it would make a good photo. Usually I only looked at the complete buildings, but now with my camera in hand I experimented looking through the finder and composed this picture. Glad you like it!

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