Garden house or residence?


When I was looking for a suitable contribution to this week’s Thursday Doors, I could not decide between this garden house or the entrance of the corresponding residence (below) called Villa Beukenhof. The name refers to the beeches in the garden behind the house.


The summer house is the oldest building, although I have not been able to find out when it was erected. It forms part of the original garden designed by the garden architect Johan David Zocher Sr., who died in 1817. So it must be from an earlier date.

The mansion, built in 1895 in a neo-Renaissance style with some eclectic elements, has replaced an older villa. The interior has retained almost all of its 19th century details.

Both buildings have their own charm. I like the garden house because of the elegant design and the warm colour of the wood. It is not difficult to imagine myself sitting there with a cup of tea and a book. The entrance of the house is stylish, but looks a bit more severe, although there is some elegance too in the decoration of the door.

So, which door do you prefer?



16 thoughts on “Garden house or residence?

    • That is just what I wanted to do, Candy. We could visit this place, because it was the yearly event on which many monuments open their doors so that you can have a look inside buildings that are normally closed. These owners only opened the garden for the general public, so no ringing bells I’m afraid. Thanks for you comment, which brings the score to 2-5.

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  1. Yes, they are, it is a street full of grand houses, all of them with other features worth looking at. The area is called the ’19th century skin’, as it has been built around the old centre. Maybe I should take a special tour there and see if I can score more beautiful doors.


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