Grassy window


These windows covered in grass belong to the museum of the wetland called ‘de Biesbosch’. The museum tells the story of this wetland from its origins due to the Elizabeth Flood in 1421 to its present situation as a national park.

Currently it is part of the project ‘Room for the River‘ that has been set up after the floods some years back. Agricultural land along the rivers has been turned into lakes in consultation with the farmers who have been offered compensation or another farming area. When the water level in the rivers is too high, the water is automatically brimming over into the lakes.

Nature also wins with this solution, as the lakes have turned into a bird sanctuary with fabulous consequences. For example, the sea-eagle has nested here and now is raising some young ones which is the first time in the Netherlands.

In the middle of the national park is this ‘Museum Island’. The roof of the building has been covered with grass in order to let it blend in well with its surroundings. The back of the museum consists of glass, so that you have a splendid view over the area. There is also a scale model of the national park, an aquatic playground where you can see the effects of low and high tide thanks to the water that is collected on the roof. For these and other features it has been granted several architectural awards, such as the Architizer Awards 2016.

To me it seemed an unusual window contribution to this week’s Monday Window.



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