Windmill in b&w


Windmills are a tricky thing to capture. This one called D’Orangemolen (1734) is situated in the middle of the town of Willemstad.

As there were houses all around the building, it was difficult to get a good look. So I decided to experiment with a low point of view. This is the result.


5 thoughts on “Windmill in b&w

  1. Thank you, Ann. There is one huge windmill challenge nearby waiting for me, the nineteen mills on a row of Kinderdijk, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It has been captured so many times, that an original POV will be fairly difficult. Have to go there some day.


  2. I love this photograph. Such an interesting and unusual point of view. We have a few windmills around where I live. Two have been converted into houses, one into a pub and one is a much admired landmark. I think I’ll visit them one day soon with my camera.

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    • Thank you, Helen. A year ago I would not have dared to take a photo from that point of view. In the meantime I have learnt a lot and now I like experimenting, although I could do a lot more.
      I have often wondered how living in a windmill would be. It seems such a picturesque place, but comfy? Needless to say that I am looking forward to your photos…


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