Light bulb fountain


As Holland is full of water, it would be logical to have fountains all over the place. But no, I know of very few fountains old or modern. Maybe we think that water is something you have to manage (dykes, canals, locks, …) rather than build frivolous constructions for.

Nevertheless, after a bit of thinking I remembered three fountains in my hometown. This is one of them, still the context is more or less pragmatic.

The park was laid out in 1948 as part of a project of unemployment relief work after WWII. The structure itself seen from above has the form of a light bulb as a tribute to the successful company of Philips that started as a production firm of these bulbs in 1891.

It is only operated in summer and on warmer days people come to have a picnic under the trees around the pond. And if you are lucky you don’t even notice the bustle of the station right behind the park.

Glad that I could come up with this one for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fountains. For more interesting photos, look here.

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