Insects welcome


Insect hotel

The doors of an insect hotel are always open, because that is exactly the point: they are expected to freely go in and out. This ‘apartment building’ provides shelter for a huge variety of insects that can also make their nests here.

This particular structure is hanging at the entrance of the camping site in the national park up north where we stayed two weeks ago and where I took the ‘Thoroughly Dutch‘ photo. Throughout the park more hotels somewhat more coarsely are installed, made of little old bottles, wool, reeds, pieces of wood, spools with cotton and other natural materials.

Setting up insect hotels is an eco-friendly measure to protect these small invertebrates that in their turn can be beneficial to the surrounding nature as well as the agriculture and horticulture.

If you like doors, by all means pay a visit to Thursday Doors and enjoy. By the way, this hotel was fastened on an old lock door.

8 thoughts on “Insects welcome

  1. Thank you, Joey! I was rather pleased I found this one, simple but beautiful. When we were back from our trip, I thought it would be a good idea to make this kind of hotel too. It can be made from all sorts of materials, so one of these days you will find me creating one.


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