It’s grey


It was one of those grey days when I took this picture of the Old Church and the street called Wijnstraat. The only bright colours come from the woman in red and the flag of Dordrecht up high.

Although it is not visible on this photo, I am proud to say that we boast a leaning tower, just like the one of Pisa, due to the swampy ground. The original plan was to build a tower of eight levels crowned with a spire, so that the total height would be 100 meters.

Unfortunately the ground could not hold the weight of the tower that began to slope during its construction in the Middle Ages. In the end they only put up the four clocks which gave the church a funny appearance. Some decades ago the slant was stabilized by a new foundation of reinforced concrete. So don’t worry, you can safely come and have a look.

Just another curious note: many old houses seem to lean forward, as you can see on the right. This is not a dubious construction, but deliberately done so that the rain does not drip on the house too much.


10 thoughts on “It’s grey

    • In this particular street cars are allowed, but in other streets only the owners of the houses can enter with a special permit. So it is kind of complicated to enter the historic centre by car. Besides that, the photo was taken on a Sunday morning, when few people are on the streets.

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