A yellow ladder


This morning when I was strolling along the canals of my hometown, I noticed this yellow ladder next to a berth. The simple colours and outlines of the scene prompted me to try and take a minimalistic photo.

This picture I like best, because it reminds me of works created by the art movement De Stijl, of which the painter Piet Mondrian was a well-known contributor.


4 thoughts on “A yellow ladder

    • Thank you, Georgie. I am glad you like it, because I had your photos at the back of my mind when I was walking around the marina.
      Another curious thing is that, although I never quite knew what to make of those paintings with horizontal and vertical lines and coloured blocks, I have realized that they somehow form part of my cultural bagage, as I immediately recognized the pattern. So now I am taking pictures inspired by Mondrian! Funny how things work out.

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