One lost baby shoe


Found in the public garden next to a shopping mall: one white baby shoe.

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure.


15 thoughts on “One lost baby shoe

  1. For me, this would be a pure nightmare, and I’ve experienced my fair share. 😉

    My son DOES NOT LIKE SHOES and keeps taking them off when we aren’t looking; this is especially painstaking when we are in a big mall and my is freaking out about the lost shoe!

    It would make a good movie trailer though:

    “One Man.

    One Mall.

    One Shoe.

    One Quest.”


  2. Reminded me of a story my Dad told my last year about when he was a child and one of his shoes fell out of the car. HIs family was so poor that he did not have another pair of shoes. My Dad is in this 70’s. It was poignant and moving.


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